About Us

Performance-based advertising

  • RaMillion is a perfect affiliate network that will help you to increase your Internet business effectiveness.
  • If your budget is limited, RaMillion will obviously solve this issue, because RaMillion offers opportunities for different business levels.
  • RaMillion provides the transparent workflow according both to the CPA system, which means performance-based scheme, and to the CPS (cost per sale) system.

You don't pay for the advertisement! You just pay for an actual customer!

  • RaMillion is not just vain promises, this is a real business! Can't see the effective result? No cure no pay! We will return your investments.

We don't advertise! We sell!

The major task of our virtual sales office is the implementation of the specific, previously discussed operation: CPA or CPS.
  • Completing a questionnaire
  • Account registration
  • Services subscription
  • Checkout
  • Price bid request
  • Many other things

Therefore, you've got an ideal proposal –:you don't pay for tracking and page views (CPC), you easily pay for lead (for each client or a single sale).
Our clients are both small online shops and international banks.
Moreover, we provide the strict control for traffic sources moderation, so you'll have only the target audience, which is definitely interested in your specific product.
All of these factors guarantee the high conversion level, what means the implementation operations you are paying for.


E-Million group LTD
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