Terms & Conditions

The rules for working in partner's network

The RaMillion networking goes according to the following Rules. The Rules were developed for Your convenience and security as well as for the most productivity of work, so we ask You to keep to the Rules strictly. Your registration will confirm Your familiarity and agreement with the Rules.

1. Advertisment positioning criteria.

  • Each advertisment place will be moderated previously and can be approved or rejected by RaMillion Net owners. To increase the opportunity of positive decision keep to the following criteria:
  • Each place for advertisment distribution must contain some significant information, for example, the articles. The sites that contain only advertisment information and referenсes will not be accepted. At the same time the content must neither violate copyright nor break the current legislation.
  • Additional means of customer attraction like material incentives, additional points, awards and prises promised for transferring by references,are prohibited, except for those which owners have concluded written agreement with our network. Floating windows are prohibited as well.
  • We work only with completed sites with all parts filled up.
  • We do not work with sites which contain:

-appeal for sex, religion, race and any other discrimination;
-any political materiales;
- an advertisment of activity forbidden by law;
-copyright breaking materials and software (including non-licensed software);
-any erotic materials;
-any violent appeals;
-investment activity or profit gain recommendations going counter to the current legislation

1. 2. We keep right to reject the customer cooperation or determinate it any time if we suggest that the customer:
-is unable to satisfy the demand of Criteria concerning the advertisment positioning;
- breaks the Rules mentioned above;
-constitutes hazard for adequate work of our net;
-uses our System in the unlawful purposes;
A decision concerning the determination of cooperation can be accepted in one-side order and does not subject to any appeal.

1. 3. Moreover we can change the Criteria of advertisment places anytime with previous notification of all our customers. In this case You may take a decision to determine the cooperation with us.

1. 4. When registering in our network , You confirm acquaintance and agreement with our Rules.
We also draw Your attention to the fact that all Your operations will be fixed and can be granted to law-inforcement services on request.

2. System owner's rights.

2. 1. We may modify any System software and request the User to update the System parts;

2. 2. We may pause the work of software and/or hardware facilities that provide System operation if any essential malfunctions, errors or mistakes are found, as well as to provide prophylaxis works and to prevent unlawfull interference into the System.
At any time we may prohibit automatical reference to System permitted before and determine receiption of any information generated automatically.

2. 3. In order to execute the Agreement and to provide a safety of System operation to perform an acceptance, keeping, processing in any way, and, if necessary, to transmit to the third parts information about configurations and other firmware characteristics used for acceptance by System and any other information transmitted automatically to our company in cooperation with Users hardware/software.

 3. Prohibitions

3. 1. The User may not send unrequested messages by e-mail that contain commercial advertisment (a.k.a. spam) associated with advertisment announcements.

3. 2. If User has placed any definite announcements or comments, associated with advertisment notices in teleconference, chat, Twitter microblog or any social networking, the User must declare in plane way that such messages are the sponsored ones, in other words some message or comment consists of plain expressions or symbols ( such as reference to advertisment/paid of partner's reference/sponsored message).

3. 3. The refusing to comply with this point will cause determine of Agreement.

3. 4. Any violation of agreement will cause the User's responsibility to pay penalty or other losses as it fixed by lawcourt acting accordingly to rules of law.

3. 5. The infringements associated by spam sending can also be registered in police or other authorised stuff.

3. 6. The Advertiser's trademarks may be used only as it pointed in our network interface and may not be used by User in any other purpose, including context advertisment placing, targeted to Advertiser's trademark in exploration systems; the using of Advertiser's trademark in site adresses for explorating marketing.

3. 7. Only approved banners and text may be used by User when mapping the advertisment messages in our network; any self-made banners or advertisment text may not be used without our written permission.

3. 8. To place doubtful description of advertisment promotions that intentionally mislead the customers.

The User may not use any active advertisment systems. The violation of any point will bring a determine of the Agreement and a loss of accumulated but unpayed comission brokerage.

4. Swindle.
The User in any case may not fraudulently add or increase the number of operations, banner demonstrations or clickes, and to register in advertising propositions of the advertisers on his own, and to use the facilities, not approved by our company.

We can regard Your site as a cheating one, if:
-ratio of registrations/sells to the number of transitions exceeds average rate inside the brunch and where the solid reasons for such ratio is not defined.
-the User hides real traffic sourсes using intermediate pages.
-the user has made swindled actions and this fact is established by our customers.
- the User uses faked address for readdressing, automated software, or/and generates faked number of viewings, clickes, actions and sales.

In all these occasions the system can delay payments for up to 30 days while User must refute his participation in swindle actions.

Otherwise the account will be determined, and appointed comission fee will be cancelled.